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The Young Tar Heels

Posted by Anthony Macri on November 20, 2009

Just watching North Carolina put the finishing touches on Ohio State.  It is pretty amazing to see this new version of the Tar Heels after all that talent left last year perform at a high level.  This group is very young and raw, but they have a lot of potential.  Maybe not for this year–this looks like one of those UNC teams that goes on a huge run at some point during the year but then craps out in the tournament early–but next year I think they will be special even without Ed Davis and Marcus Ginyard.

I wonder how well (if at all) Roy Williams’ system would work in the NBA.  I tend to think that with the right set of players, it would still be pretty special.

Of course, as I type this the Buckeyes have cut the lead to two with about 11 seconds left.  With the way North Carolina is bricking free throws, this could get dicey at the end.  Larry Drew knocks these two down – and UNC escapes.  Very impressed with Carolina, they look better than I thought they would at this point.  Still a long way to go, though.

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The Essence of Make Two Plays

Posted by Anthony Macri on October 28, 2009

The main goal, as I see it, of this blog, is to provide informal commentary on games, teams, and players, as it relates to the way we would instruct on-the-floor.  In other words, my hope is to watch games, see things that we teach, and then give that to you.  Sometimes I will include video (when I can) – but hopefully this is something where whether you have the video or not, you understand what coaches teach and it helps you see what is on the floor in a more full light.

All of my full analysis-based articles will continue to appear on (and I am still chatting at 10a Fridays at, and Coach Thorpe will still have his articles and chats at  Shoot us questions in the comments and we will try to respond with thoughts.

Oh – one more thing – this blog will deal with both college and pro basketball.  Enjoy!

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Posted by Coach Thorpe on July 2, 2009

Hello to everyone! Gosh, things have changed a lot since I last typed out a blog. A few years ago I used to post my thoughts on hoops on a blog, then send it to my favorite “famous” blogger, a relatively unknown dude named Henry Abbott who had a blog called “Truehoop”. Eventually, he learned to like what I had to say (or he got sick of me emailing and calling him) and began posting some of the work I did. We became great friends, and both ended up…well, you know where we are now. But in addition to the work I do with ESPN, I’m a teacher and a coach as well. I’d guess that I always will be, it’s kind of stuck in my DNA. I’m fortunate enough to spend lots of time on the court and on the phone with some great basketball minds, players and coaches alike. Here, we hope to discuss details from what we see in the world of hoops, both the grainy and the general. Podcasting is likely, as is some video stuff with what we do on the floor. I hope we can help each other and all of you to better understand what is happening on NBA courts today, maybe some college stuff too. Anthony Macri will provide the majority of our written and video contributions. You’ve read him at Basketball Prospectus, so you already know how his mind works (but you don’t know that he’s a beast!).

In time, we’ll reach out to our friends in the NBA, coaches and players, to get their analysis as well.

As for the name of the blog, it’s simple. Anyone can make one play – a steal here, a backdoor cut there, a nice pass, or a great blocked shot.  But the really special players, the guys who make the difference between winning and losing, they make two plays.  We teach it that way in our gym.  We never want our players only focusing on making a play and then being satisfied – we want them looking for opportunities to make an impact on multiple possessions.  That is what gives a player value – and what helps a team win.  Remember this from this past year’s playoffs?

THAT is what we mean by “Make Two Plays!”

Don’t be afraid to chime in with your thoughts. We all have thick skin, and I’ve been called a moron more than most men my age, so a few more times won’t bother me at all.

Just a quick note-this space will be used by us for more informal analysis, opinions, and an opportunity to provide instruction.  My formal work will still be on, and Coach Macri will still have his articles on BP and his chats on HoopsWorld.  This is just our “playground,” so to speak.

We look forward to sharing this site with you.  And don’t forget: Make Two Plays!

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